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G:50 is an innovative concept for overall fitness. Clients are part of an exclusive club incorporating a team of highly skilled coaches providing
complete support and guidance with every session. When we put in the work together at G:50, we get the results you want.

Los Angeles

West Hollywood

About G:50

The G:50 concept is inspired by the traditional Pilates program which has been customized and adapted to retain the essence of the classic format but incorporated high intensity interval training in a unique format that blends traditional exercises with new challenging fitness protocols. The program uses state of the art patented reformers specifically designed to accommodate the original exercises routines designed by Glenn Kennedy, the founder and inspiration of G:50 Studios.

At G:50 we are a team, you will be supported by the coaches, staff and fellow classmates no mater your fitness level and you will find yourself striving to excel as your progress rapidly increases.