The G50program was conceived by the studio founder, Glenn Kennedy, NASM CPT, CES, AAF, PPN, SFC, with the sole purpose of creating a fitness space for a total mind/body experience. Each high intensity interval training session incorporates a 50 minute balanced integrated workout utilizing the basis of the Pilates method for a zero gravity dynamic and innovative concept to achieve a mind/muscle connection. Based on years of perfecting and refining the routine, Glenn has created a custom workout to optimize each session, perfected over a twenty- year career in the fitness industry. His simple philosophy is “Your body wants to serve you and do the work!” A part of your body is always on the carriage of the machine, which when in motion uses your core to stabilize the body. Utilizing a seesaw effect, it signals the brain to call on “weaker muscles” which are not usually worked in regular activities, leading to muscular imbalance and daily aches and pains


Glenn’s story began when he transformed his own body and started to develop this concept and he realized that many other people could benefit from the program he had developed. This profound integration of the mind body experience fuelled his desire to pay it forward. After suffering a knee injury, he learned about the necessity of muscle balance and became focused on understanding anatomy and the need for unilateral work in training. He has a long history working with clients for whom surgery seemed a last option until they discovered Glenn. In working with them and teaching about areas in the body that are causing imbalances, the focus is always on strengthening the problem areas and finding the root cause to fix the issue. He truly believes a sound body equals a sound mind and that the body has the capability to heal the mind, because exercise is emotional. We house toxins in our muscles that need to be squeezed out like a sponge and that’s where most pain derives from. The pain in the body is our stress and our fears. We tend to hold our breath when we fear something and we need to breathe.


Glenn has created a pristine zen -like environment with one wall dominated by a Japanese themed tryptich painted on metal by artist Mat Taylor and another wall inscribed with powerful ,inspirational and motivational thoughts. The space also houses the G-shop under the guidance of curator Kathy Rose. The shop features exclusive lines of clothing and art from around the world, handmade candles, oils and much more including the G50 house line tailored for the studio clientele. Private workshops and events are also a part of the studios operation, including therapies such as Kundalini, Reiki, TM, Body Therapy, Vedic Astrology and Ho”Oponopono.


The studio features 15 state of the art machines built to withstand intense athletic workouts. The reformers were specially designed by Glenn Kennedy and took three years to perfect before the prototype was created. The machines are custom made, built of steel and are longer and wider than the classic reformer with numerous other technical innovations. Unlike a classic reformer, The G-Former can withstand a much higher springload ranging from 0 to about 300lbs. With zero gravity the machine merges the traditional pilates approach with a high intensity interval training class which doesn’t impact the joints.


As the machine is split down the middle, when in use it creates a more challenging method of performing floor exercises, resulting in high intensity interval pilates HiiP with pikes and mountain climbers. Popular gym exercises like “wood chops” can be done standing on the machine while at the same time surfing, for a more challenging workout. It’s the perfect training session for all athletes needing core stabilizer conditioning., such as surfers, golfers or boxers. Providing the Big3, cardiovascular strength and flexibility in one. This one machine allows you to do the exercises performed at the gym on many different machines with the addition of forced stability.


Glenn hails from Philadelphia, PA and is a martial arts and boxing enthusiast. He began his career with a certification from the American Council of Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is TRX certified as well as having certification in pre and post natal fitness instruction. Glenn is also a certified massage therapist. He is certified BEXSc – Bachelor Degree Exercise Science Specialization in the kinetic chain. Glenn is also a rehab specialist, a corrective exercise specialist, and a performance enhancement specialist. He is Stretch Flexibility certified and a 2 nd degree black belt and boxing trainer.


Joseph Pilates developed an exercise system based on the mind, body, spirit philosophy. He moved to England over 100 years ago and as a German national was interned as an enemy alien during World War I. During his imprisonment he implemented a daily exercise routine to help his fellow prisoners. Many of the German soldiers were injured And Pilates took springs from the head and foot boards from the iron beds to create a series of resistance exercises. This idea was the inspiration for the Reformer machine on which pilates is based today.


I was barely able to walk after a 6 1/2 hour surgery. Glenn changed my life with his knowledge of strength building and body alignment.

More than 10 years ago, I had spinal fusion surgery. At the time, I was barely able to walk. After a 6 ½-hour procedure, the surgeon told me I had been two weeks away from a wheel chair. Working out again seemed like a stretch. Then I met Glenn. No physical therapy. Just Glenn who promised he could make me strong. The rest is history. I doubt a trainer exists who is more knowledgeable about strength building and body alignment. His millimeter adjustments make all the difference while increasing the challenge. So, mine is a story of trust, consistency, hard work, and thanks.


G50 studio is cutting edge affording you the opportunity to attain your fitness goals.

G50 is my happy place. I have taken classes with Glenn Kennedy for 10 years. So when he opened G50 I was one of the first to sign up.

Every trainer is superb. Paying close attention to each student to improve form and prevent injuries, while working with them to attain their fitness goals. The classes are both challenging and fun. Glenn has created an atmosphere where both new and current students have become a community where everyone is welcomed and valued. Starting the moment you walk in.

Seven years ago, I had a bad accident where I shattered my right leg and almost lost it. All of my physical therapist and doctors said the best I could hope for was partial movement, but Glenn worked with me, encouraged me and knew I would not accept that, within a year I had a full movement thanks to Glenn’s encouragement and efforts.


It is the best workout in Los Angeles challenging you with patented moves that work every muscle.

G50 is the best workout in Los Angeles and here is the honest truth. Glenn class will kill your ass into the best shape its been in. This is a challenging class and worth every pocket of sweat so many list of squats, crunches, lunges with weights and other patented moves that work every muscle you have in your body and ones you don’t know you had. For the first time in a long time I have visible abs muscles. 

Glenn’s H.I.I.P method changes your posture and your entire perspectives on pilates.

G50 is different from any other Pilates I’m familiar with. I have been taking pilates for many years when I started my classes with Glenn, the owner and instructor. It’s as if I was starting from scratch. Although glenns classes are always full, Glenn always pays attention to each individual, adjusting them as needed. He is dynamic and his energy is contagious.

The pilates he teaches is known as H.I.I.P. it changes your posture and your entire perspective on what pilates should be and what it needs to do for you physically and spiritually. I have benefited immensely, so much that my spine surgeon said that pilates classes your taking will prevent you from having surgery. All instructors at g50 are attentive, conscious and caring. Being a member at G50 is being a member of a community. We all care about each other and develop meaningful friendships.


G50 provides a sanctuary which compliments the physical progress you will experience.

G50 Studio is my sanctuary. I love working out here as it uplift my mood and brightens my day. I have seen lots of progress in my body and I am very happy with my experience here. The g50 team truly feels like family.


The workout is the best you will experience with the fastest results creating a better posture and better life.

Amazing 50 minute workout that truly works. Better care, better posture, better life. There is a teacher for every level and age. For me this is an all healing workout, body, soul, and mind. Glenn is my favorite and the loudest teacher. But come on if you’re gonna do it then do it. I’ve been doing pilates for ten years and G50 is by far the best workout with the quickest result I’ve ever experienced. Get started I promise you won’t be disappointed.


The results speak for themselves, the intense fitness environment pushes you to achieve your maximum fitness potential.

I have had the privilege to work with Glenn Kennedy over the last 5 years as his student and group classes 1 on 1 training private training. I have thrived on his intense fitness environment and have lost over 40lb and have kept it off!! Having endocrine disorders and being a working mother of two losing the pregnancy weight was so difficult nothing had worked for me but since my first class with Glenn I have been hooked. I love my results! I’m stronger and definitely feel more confident with my body.

The machines hit my muscles right.! To top it off he is a person of great integrity and commitment to excellence. Which is evident with the team at the studio. I’m a huge fan!


Glenn’s formula for success is, “big problems have simple solutions”. The seesaw effect of the exercise regime allows you to rectify physical problems and strengths your overall capability.

I have been taking classes at G50 for two years. And couldn’t imagine my life without it. I have never taken a class before and really only started taking the class As a last result i was suffering from severe back pain after an injury and at times spent weeks in bed endless spinal injections. And constant pain and difficulty working. I was facing surgery with no guarantee of a successful outcome. Glenn was aware of my problem and promised he could make a difference after my first class. I felt immediate results and my back pain disappeared. And after a few classes I ceased to have a problem walking. And the surgery was no longer needed. I feel better and my life is back to normal. Glenn is simply a genius and G50 is more than just a workout and totally the whole team is so supportive and others clients have become fast friends. G50 is a way of life. I suggest you make it yours.


Hands-down the best Pilates HiiT class out there!!! After 5 years of working with Glenn, his class continues to challenge me. Not only will you get an amazingly intense work-out, but Glenn and his coaching staff will correct your form and ensure you are getting the most out of each class…guaranteed soreness for days!


I’ve never liked working out, so i couldn’t stick to anything for long. G50 changed that for me. Not only do you see results fast, but even after 2 years of going only 2x per week, my body continues to change and become more sculpted. I have found my forever workout.


I highly recommend Glenn Kennedy through his careful, knowledgeable and  thoughtful instructions you will see results almost immediately. G:50 is a true gem


Glenn and the amazing instructors at G:50 are an incredible team. Not only will they give you one of the hardest and BEST workouts in LA, but they insist on correct form so you can avoid injury and obtain maximum results. I was on the verge of needing back surgery until I started working out with Glenn. Years later, my back problems are manageable and I am in the best shape of my life, thanks to him. If you are looking for a serious workout and serious results, G:50 is the way to go!